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Album: VA - Let's Take It Back Because It's Our... (2012)

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Song: 01. Animal Instinct - Step Back

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We have just done a compilation of songs from all of our releases and bands.

The Bands

ANIMAL INSTINCT considers itself to be a traditional hardcore band, having its homebase in the greater Zurich area (Switzerland). The band features ex and current members of SOLID GROUND, VALE TUDO, PLAY TO DESTROY, and LIFERIDE to only name a few. ANIMAL INSTINCT is heavily influenced by the band members' favorite New York hardcore bands such as STRAIGHT AHEAD, OUTBURST, and RAW DEAL. So it does not come as a surprise that ANIMAL INSTINCT chose to include a KILLING TIME cover tune on Unfinished Business.

BEGGARS & GENTRY hails from Winterthur/Switzerland and plays hardcore/punk that reminds of bands such as THE HOPE CONSPIRACY and SUICIDE FILE, all mixed with the snottiness of TURBONEGRO. The band features members and/or ex-members of ANIMAL INSTINCT, LIFERIDE, DRY CONDITIONS, WITHIN WALLS and FALL APART.

DEADVERSE could be best described as a mix of Midwestern emo, Revolution Summer hardcore à la GRAY MATTER or RITES OF SPRING, DACKELBLUT, and even some ENGINE DOWN thrown in. And yes, singer Clive's vocals, a native English speaker, somehow remind of AT THE DRIVE-IN too. Drummer Lorenz also plays drums for Take It Back mates BEGGARS & GENTRY. For fans of WIPERS, JAWBREAKER, UNION TOWN, RAIN, GRAY MATTER, RITES OF SPRING, AT THE DRIVE-IN, and DACKELBLUT.

EL CAMINO CAR CRASH features current and ex-members of WITHIN WALLS and UNVEIL. While obviously drawing some influences from groups such as UNBROKEN, UNDERTOW, BOTCH, THE SUICIDE FILE, and THE HOPE CONSPIRACY, this Austrian based band manages to give its sound a modern twist of its very own, making it (along with the band's thoughtful political lyrics) stand out from the mass of today's copycats.

FORESEEN from Finland plays brutal metal-influenced New York-style hardcore that reminds of bands such as CRO-MAGS, MADBALL, BIOHAZARD, MERAUDER and, yes, METALLICA.

LIFERIDE are members of ANIMAL INSTINCT (Switzerland) and STATE OF MIND (The Netherlands). They teamed up to deliver a unique mix of 80s hardcore and crossover/metal mania. If you like your dose of New York hardcore à la "Best Wishes"-era CRO-MAGS mixed with catchy crossover/metal madness in the vein of LEEWAY, then check out LIFERIDE!

STATE OF MIND are inspired by bands like MAXIMUM PENALTY, BREAKDOWN, SUPERTOUCH, and LEEWAY. STATE OF MIND has been playing groovy NY-styled hardcore, adding different influences along the way. Blending their original sound with more of an emphasis on rhythm similar to "Meantime"-era HELMET, "Knowledge of Self" proves STATE OF MIND to be one of Europe's few standout bands. Their last record "Knowledge of Self" is a record about new beginnings and about changes in life, maintaining a critical stance in their lyrics towards society as well as towards oneself. In a time where hardcore seems to be getting more superficial by the day, STATE OF MIND tries to stand out from the masses, choosing its own path. They are around since the beginning of 2005.

UNVEIL are inspired by the heritage of the political 90s hardcore community. The vegan straight edge powerhouse UNVEIL from Switzerland combines influences by bands such as UNBROKEN, TRAIL and UNDERTOW with elements of modern hardcore, yet going a way of its own.

UPRIGHT are influenced by late 80's NYHC like OUTBURST and some 90's bands like CROWN OF THORNZ or MADBALL.

The Label

TAKE IT BACK is a tiny D.I.Y. label dedicated to hardcore/punk. It was named after GRAY MATTER's 12" of the same title on DISCHORD RECORDS. Even our logo is inspired by GRAY MATTER. This might give you an idea where we are coming from.

TAKE IT BACK supports an anti-racist, anti-fascist, religion-free, gay-positive, pro-choice, drug-free, and animal-friendly attitude.

TIB#01: ANIMAL INSTINCT - Stick Like Glue 7" (11 September 2009)
TIB#02: LIFERIDE - s/t 12" (27 February 2010)
TIB#03: BEGGARS & GENTRY - s/t Cassette (27 February 2010)
TIB#04: FORESEEN - s/t 7" (11 September 2010)
TIB#05: UNVEIL - Hypnopaedia 7" (27 August 2010)
TIB#06: BEGGARS & GENTRY - Abwärts LP (7 January 2011)
TIB#07: FORESEEN/UPRIGHT - split 7" (20 March 2011)
TIB#08: DEADVERSE - Caution To The Wind LP (9 July 2011)
TIB#09: STATE OF MIND - Knowledge of Self 12" (12 December 2011)
TIB#10: ANIMAL INSTINCT - Unfinished Business LP (28 April 2012)
TIB#11: EL CAMINO CAR CRASH - s/t Cassette (July 2012)
TIB#11.5: VARIOUS ARTISTS - Let's Take It Back Because It's Ours Compilation Digital/MP3 (1 July 2012)
TIB#12: REALITY RETURNS - tba 7" (tba)
TIB#13: FORESEEN - tba LP (tba)
TIB#14: CRANKPIN - tba 12" (tba)